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At Calso Gym in Bromley, on Saturday 9th September a determined and committed bunch of Gym enthusiasts led by owners Becky and Gary Nicholas raised over £2500 for Cystic Fibrosis Trust. The Gym is situated in a shopping precinct in Bromley and, in this day and age of large corporate Gym establishments, what Gary and Becky offer is almost unique.

Gary and Becky are, as we know both accomplished X Trainers, both ranking in the UKXTA Leaders board and are Personal Trainers of the highest calibre.

Gary (42) was accompanied by John Currell (40) who matched Gary step for step on the 5 riser high Reebok board, with 5 kg in each hand, whilst Gary was holding 10kg in each hand. A roar erupted from the crowd as the countdown reached the last ten.Both had urged each other on. Both finished their time in 1 hour 47 mins and both; I think it would be fair to say – were drenched in sweat, exhausted and thrilled to have completed this amazing feat.

Around the same time as Gary and John finishing, the slightly petite frame of Sarah Connolly had just completed 3000 sit ups. That's right 3000! Non stop - not only that when she finished, she went on to row next to Becky – in her final stages of completing the Marathon row.

Russel Stenning , urged on by a supportive Crowd completed a 22 minute plank. I would argue, there are few people in the UK who can tolerate that sort of endurance and pain.

Becky finished her row in 3 hrs 24 to a rapturous applause and heaps of congratulations from well wishers and her supporters from the Gym. Still smiling and still full of what seemed like an enthusiasm – that almost indicated – that was great I wanna do it again attitude – Becky completed the following interview.

Sean: Becky you just rowed a Marathon on the rowing Machine – apart from the obvious, how do you feel?

Becky: I feel brilliant. I didn't know if I would complete it. My aim was to complete it in 3hrs 30 and I completed it in 3 hours 24 .

Sean: Well done. That is incredible. How about the crowd? How did you feel about them?

Becky: If they hadn't been there I probably would have pulled up and not completed it. They made it an enjoyable time. Thanks to all of them

Sean: Gary completed 3000 step ups with 10kg in each hand. When you were rowing you could see him.
How did that make you feel?

Becky: That kept me going, because I knew that when he had finished, I had done about two hours rowing.
I really wanted him to finish. And when he finished it gave me a real high. I knew he would finish.

Sean: You and Gary are absolute stars – well done.

All the, organisers , counters, helpers , supporters , competitors all pulled together – all achieved and all deserve recognition for helping raise funds for such a noble cause.

They slept that night knowing they are in the group of people that are labelled "We did it". And they are all stars.