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Over 50s Group

Open QuotesI am now 70+ and when I initially joined Calso it was for the over 50’s gym circuit, to try improve my mobility and flexibility following a hip replacement 2006. What impressed me from the outset was the understanding and care shown by Gary for those in an older age group. But most importantly, those members with pre-existing medical conditions that prevented them from doing some of the exercise routines, were given alternative exercises to do. For new people thinking about joining a gym they will experience 3 characteristics, which in my view, they would find difficult to replicate elsewhere. Individual attention in a group, structured routines designed for older members and finally a warm and friendly atmosphere - Staff and members alike    Colin PattersonClose Quotes

Open QuotesNow into my second decade enjoying the variety of sessions at Calso.  Gary and Becky, together with their team, work tirelessly to combat the ravages of time on ageing bodies!  The lessons maintain a very high standard of tuition and ensure that everybody's individual needs are taken into account.  This allows them to gain satisfaction and see the tangible benefits of regular exercise.    Keith WilloughbyCloe Quotes
Open Quotes Why do I go to the Calso gym every week? When asked this question I said I just do because I enjoy going; but on reflection it is not just that. I started eighteen months ago after seeing an advertisement in my local paper “gym for the 50 plus”- I will be Sixty Four this year. I had been ill after contracting an infection following surgery. I was having problems with the use of my left arm, lack of strength and poor mobility, in fact on some occasions it was pretty useless, also my asthma, which I had managed well with medication for some years, was becoming a nuisance again. I was a little apprehensive on my first visit but was welcomed by Gary, our trainer and owner with his wife and their staff who could not have been more friendly and helpful. My fellow gym members are social and the interaction between them and Gary does make for an enjoyable but challenging hour. I can only manage one visit a week because of other commitments but that has been enough for me to notice how I have gained more mobility, strength and stamina all round. I feel so much fitter in myself and I am so pleased that I have continued to go to the gym.   Eileen Chapple Cloe Quotes

Open QuotesI am 59 years old. Three and a half years ago, I was persuaded by some friends to go along with them to Calso’s over 50’s gym class on a Thursday afternoon. To say I was sceptical and non-enthusiastic is an understatement. I had never enjoyed any kind exercise before, but I decided to go along and find out what it was all about. The first couple of weeks I made a half-hearted effort to join in, often using the time dreaming up any excuse I could think of as to why I could not attend next week! However, within weeks, Gary and the lovely friends I met at the class had encouraged and inspired so much, that I actually found myself looking forward to going each week. Within a few months, I could see and feel such an improvement in my appearance and stamina, it spurred me on. I now attend three classes weekly. I can honestly say going to Calso has improved my life. I no longer feel ashamed to bare my arms in summer and my fitness levels and zest for life have improved dramatically. I owe it all to Gary, for his patience and encouragement and for making each class fun! I have since converted my husband, who up to a couple of years ago would have never have set foot inside a gym. Thank you Gary, from the both of us!   Christine DraperClose Quotes