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Health Assessment and Consultation


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All newcomers wishing to attend Calso Slimming and Shape-Up Club are to have a health assessment and consultation – Just £39.50

The health assessment and consultation consists of:

• A ‘before’ photo (only if that is ok with you)
• Initial weigh-in.
• You will be given an achievable and exciting target weight
• You will be given a rough date, with flexibility, on how long it will take you to lose your weight
• We will go through your health questionnaire thoroughly and help you with any health issues you may have and how we can try to work around them.
• We will explain to you the powerful, simple, tried-and-tested system that we use in helping you to achieve your weight and then how to keep it off.
• You will be given expert advice on how to build your fitness up and how to feel good about yourself again.


Please call NOW to book your assessment/consultation.
We look forward to helping you achieve your goal.

We look forward to meeting and helping you on your new exciting weight loss journey.

Gary and the Calso Team