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Hi my name is Gary Nicholas and I run Calso Slimming and Shape-Up Club. I have been in the health and fitness industry for over thirty years and my passion is getting people fit and healthy.

Calso Slimming and Shape-Up Club is the perfect kick start you need to lose weight, get in shape and start to feel better about yourself, all in a comfortable, safe and non-intimidating environment.

Being ex-forces I am a massive believer in teamwork and discipline and that is how I have based the Slimming and Shape-Up Club on. If you are willing to give 100%, then I am willing to give you 100% help in return.

Stick to the game plan, with determination, discipline and commitment YOU WILL GET THE RESULTS YOU REQUIRE – GUARANTEED!  

Most people think losing weight is going to be hard work and not enjoyable because you have to make new changes and choices.  

The Calso Slimming and Shape-up club is all about enjoying your new journey and inspiring others. The hardest part is making the decision to say “YES enough is enough I’m going to do it”.  

I will set you an exciting and achievable target. You will be given guidance about flexible dieting and understanding the correct amount of calories your body requires to stay strong and healthy whilst at the same time losing weight. You will also be given some great tips on how to keep the weight off once you get down to your required weight.

All newcomers wishing to attend Calso Slimming and Shape-Up Club are to have a health assessment and consultation. Please click here for more details.

I look forward to meeting and helping you on your new exciting weight loss journey.