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For as long as I can remember – as far back as my childhood - I have always battled with my weight. I have tried, and failed, every diet known to mankind; you name it, I have tried it or taken it (meal replacements and amphetamines) and even consulted with a bariatric surgeon (gastric band operation). On every occasion I failed – why?   Because I was always looking for a quick fix or an excuse as to why it didn't work for me.
And then I met Gary Nicholas – founder of Calso Health & Fitness Club in Hayesford Park, Bromley.  My sister suggested I go with her to meet Gary and just talk to him – nothing more. My life was spiralling out of control, my health deteriorating and I had nothing to lose. From the moment I met Gary, I never looked back. I liked his honesty and professionalism but most of all his empathetic approach. I agreed to commit to him 100% if he agreed to take on the challenge! The deal was done – we were both committed to each other, both agreed to be honest, but most of all, I trusted him. The results speak for themselves.
The result – I am now, nigh on, 8 stone lighter and 8 dress sizes smaller. I am fitter and healthier than I have ever been in my life; even my own lovely GP didn't recognise me! (The same GP who, two years ago, suggested it was time for bariatric surgery).

How did I do it?  Through, amongst other things, eating a calorie controlled diet (nothing off limits) and exercise. Gary never pushed me harder than he knew I could go and we started gently. I can now run a mile in 7.42 minutes, regularly run 10Ks and even completed the Tough Mudder Challenge. But most amazing of all, is that I have been an inspiration to so many people (a happy side effect).
In summary, Gary has totally changed my outlook on exercise and my relationship with food. I am now in control of food – no longer the reverse – and I actually find exercise fun and enjoyable. An added bonus is the wonderful friends I have made at Calso Health and Fitness Club.
Gary's calm and professional manner instils confidence immediately you meet him. He knows and greets every member by name and makes you feel welcome. It's a happy family that I feel proud to be part of and I cannot recommend him or his gym highly enough. There are many gyms out there – with their fancy equipment and facilities, but none come close to Calso for the personal touch and warm, friendly environment. No-one is judged, no-one questioned and everyone is welcomed with a smile.


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