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Stephanie Withers photo Stephanie Withers
When I think about it I have exercised most of my adult life and have belonged to a number of gyms. Without any doubt Calso is the best gym I've ever been a member of. It is so friendly and makes you believe you can achieve your goals whatever they are. I guess it's fair to say I started of exercising to stay at the weight I wanted to be but now I know it's greatest benefit is keeping my head in the right place. I've made many fab friends and am stronger and fitter than ever before. Thank you Gary for all your hard work and dedication (and to the reception team) Calso really is one in a million xx   Source: FB CalsoClub

Stephanie Withers photo Lisa Tidswell
I lived in Hayes for 17 years and unfortunately only discovered Calso 3 years ago. Not only is it much cheaper than any other gym in the area Gary and the rest of his team are just wonderful. The support, encouragement and friendliness is second to none! Highly recommend.    Source: FB CalsoClub

Lisa Parke photo Lisa Park
Gary's calm and professional manner instils confidence immediately you meet him. He knows and greets every member by name and makes you feel welcome. There are many gyms out there – with their fancy equipment and facilities, but none come close to Calso for the personal touch and warm, friendly environment. No one is judged, no one questioned and everyone is welcomed with a smile. It's a happy family that I feel proud to be part of and I cannot recommend him or his gym highly enough.
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Danielle Louise Fardon photo Danielle Louise Fardon
After being recommended by a lovely client of mine I decided to take the plunge and join calso, I’ve been a member of numerous gyms and always felt intimidated but calso is different it was the best decision I had made in a long time ! I needed to change my life style big time, my body running on 20 cigarettes a day caffine and hardly eating I was feeling awful suffering from anxiety and palpatations which I was barely controlling using beta blockers daily. Since joining calso with Gary’s encouragement and advice I managed to quit smoking & stop taking the beta blockers I’m feeling better and stronger than ever, I still have my wobbles but a bit of a push from Gary and I’m back on track again, calso is a special place where your always welcomed with a smile and a friendly face , no one judges you and you can always be yourself Gary goes above and beyond and is dedicated to helping his clients achieve there goals no matter how big or small.
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Stephanie Withers photo Susan Ann Harman
Such a great Gym,really friendly,motivation is fantastic,classes are challenging and never the same 10 out of 10.    Source: FB CalsoClub

David Cox photo David Cox
Top Gym. Friendly, personal, passionate about what they do!    
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Kimberley Naylor-Perrott photoKimberley Naylor-Perrott
I first walked into CALSO over 21 years ago when Gary had the dream to start a fitness club of his own and he asked me to look at the property with him. It was run down and in need of a lot of TLC. Over the years, I have watched Gary put every ounce of his experience and passion into turning CALSO into the unique and successful gym it is. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced athlete, there is literally something for everyone. Gary has used his vast experience to provide classes for every possible genre - from newbies and over 50’s to the super fit! Equally, with his personal training sessions, whether one to one, or in small groups, he will devise a programme which will help you to achieve whatever goal you want to achieve. Above all, the family of CALSO cultivates true and lasting friendships which makes it unique in a world of corporate, supersized, impersonal gyms! If you are reading this and thinking of joining a smaller, more intimate gym with personal attention from Gary and his staff, go and have a look round and give it a go - as the cliche goes, ‘’you have nothing to lose and everything to gain’’.    
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Geoff Miller photo Geoff Miller
I first met Gary way back, I think around 1999, and very quickly realised that Calso Heath & Fitness Club was a gym like no other. Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to sample the classes and facilities offered by most of the large Health Clubs and also quite a few of the smaller gyms too. The difference between all of them and Calso is, they don’t have Gary. His passion for helping people with their fitness, health and well-being is second to none. Gary’s unique blend of professionalism, dedication and enthusiasm allows him to teach all age groups from young Juniors through to Seniors in their later years. Make no mistake though, if you’re one of those people who’s serious about their training and want to take it to the next level Gary will take you there, he is strict about training and will test your Strength, Endurance, Speed and Mental ability to get the very best out of you. I know because I have never been fitter than when I was being trained by Gary. His success stories over the years aren’t just confined to gym training, they extend to helping people recover from health issues and operations to helping people with serious weight problems. One of the Calso members, Lisa Parke, managed to reduce her weight by eight stone under the guidance of Gary. She wrote her story and this is what she said about Gary, “Gary's calm and professional manner instils confidence immediately you meet him. He knows and greets every member by name and makes you feel welcome. It's a happy family that I feel proud to be part of and I cannot recommend him or his gym highly enough. There are many gyms out there – with their fancy equipment and facilities, but none come close to Calso for the personal touch and warm, friendly environment. No-one is judged, no-one questioned and everyone is welcomed with a smile.” I just couldn’t say it better myself.    Source: Google - Calso Health & Fitness Club

Marian Gittins photo Marian Gittins
Great gym. Very friendly and supportive staff. Gary has really helped make the gym work for me!    Source: FB CalsoClub

Rashad Skeiky photo Rashad Skeiky
A gym you would want to be part of. Management, staff and members are very welcoming and friendly. If you want to achieve your health and fitness goals, Calso is the place. Come and give it a go and start seeing results.    
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Viv Spencer photo Viv Spencer
Gary brings a huge wealth of experience to the table at this gym, he is an excellent coach who really cares for his customers. Calso is Highly recommended.
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Debbie Owen photo Debbie Owen
I've never felt so fit, l’ve always enjoyed doing classes at various gyms, but never stuck at it! Now apart from enjoying the various classes I'm actually using the gym equipment, something I was always intimidated by, but thanks to the encouragement from Gary and the great PT circuit classes It’s taken my fitness to another level.
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Jools Owen photo Jools Owen
I have been a member of Calso gym for 8 years and still love going a minimum of 3 times a week. It is a very friendly gym and everyone is made to feel welcome and you really feel like you belong.
My fitness and strength has improved tremendously over the years. The classes motivate you and Gary always gets the best from you and knows exactly what you are capable of. There are no age limits, and some really inspirational members beyond retirement years, as well as youngsters, and every age inbetween. There is a good social side for everyone if you fancy it! Don't be afraid to sign up and see the results for yourself.

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Lisa Parke photo Melanie Lyford
The best gym I have ever experienced, you cannot beat the dedication of Gary and the rest of the team! The dedication and hard work they put into all their members makes this gym a one off! My mother has Alzheimer's and while she was physically able to attend the gym Gary was absolutely amazing, she was able to do things we didn't think we're manageable. He persevered positively as it wasn't easy, with a lot of hard work from Gary he got her fitness levels up and succeeded amazingly until she was not able to attend anymore and we will forever be thankful! Best gym ever!     Source: FB CalsoClub

Sheila Scott photo Sheila Scott
My name is Sheila Scott and I will be 85 years old in July this year. I have been a member of Calso for nearly 17 years, attending twice each week. During that time, I have had two major operations. One for bowel cancer in 2004 and one in 2014, when I was aged 80, which involved open heart surgery for an aortic valve replacement. I recovered very well from both operations and returned to the gym as soon as possible to regain my previous fitness, which the surgeons told me my had contributed to my excellent recovery. I have always enjoyed being a member of Calso and being part of such a happy and friendly class. I would strongly recommend making exercise a routine part of everyone’s life in order to keep fit and healthy, well into your later years, which will contribute so much to your mobility and enjoyment of life in general. All of Calso’s staff are friendly, helpful and courteous and Gary is great motivator. I am very grateful to them all. I am hoping to continue exercising for many years to come. Thank you all of the Calso team and to all the friends I have made over the years.
Source: By Hand

Giles Pott photo Giles Pott
Great value for money. Really freindly staff and membership. What I really like about it is that Calso caters for all ages, sizes and shapes. No one should feel out of place here and Gary is very patient and attentive. Furthermore the classes are excellent. Don't dilly dally, join up. It will be one of the best decisions you ever make. You won't regret it I promise you.    Source: FB CalsoClub

Linda Jane Atley photo Linda Jane Atley
Fantastic health club run by super nice and experienced gym instructor Gary. Great group of people and awesome classes - I'd definitely recommend it.     Source: FB CalsoClub

Luke Sedge photo Luke Sedge
Just love it, so welcoming and you don’t feel uncomfortable walking in on your own the peeps are so friendly .... thanks y'all x.    
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Gary Glaysher photo Gary Glaysher
Fantastic gym, great people, big results in the best atmosphere. It's Team Calso as everyone from Gary down is there for each other which makes for absolutely brilliant circuit classes.     Source: FB CalsoClub

Paul Finn photo Paul Finn
Fantastic health club run by super nice and experienced gym instructor Gary. Great group of people and awesome classes - I'd definitely recommend it.     Source: FB CalsoClub

Dominik Goodridge photo Dominik Goodridge
Great little gym.
Good value for money and friendly staff!.    
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Margaret Brown photo Margaret Brown
What a fantastic gym and wonderful friendly staff.    
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Jenine Berigliano photo Jenine Berigliano
The day I joined Calso was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Gary takes the title of Personal Trainer to another level, he knows every single member's personal fitness levels and exactly how hard to push/encourage us to get the best out of us. Gary inspires us to go the extra mile and do him proud. Calso has a lovely family atmosphere where everyone looks out for each other. If you want to get fit (and/or lose weight), have fun along the way and make friends, then look no further. Pop in to Calso today and receive a warm welcome from one of Gary's front of house team members. Book yourself in to a class or for a 1:1 with Gary and I just know you won't look back - like me.    
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John Eagles photo John Eagles
A really lovely fitness club.    
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John Burn photo John Burn
I joined this gym over 20yrs ago when my wife introduced me to it when she was coming here doing exercise classes in the studio. I had back trouble, I came and saw Gary he said "I could definitely help improve my back by strengthening my back muscles" which I did and I haven't looked back, now with the over 50's classes it has become like a social event every week. Gary, the staff and the other members are all very friendly. My wife and I are both in our eighties, we hope to go for as long as we can, because we would miss it a great deal, such a friendly place.    
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 Cindi Freemaux photo Cindi Freemaux
A great gym. Wonderful classes which you never get bored of and always challenge you. A really friendly atmosphere. Everyone made to feel welcome no matter what shape or size you are. Lots of social opportunities
available for those who want to participate. If you are looking for a gym with a heart you've found it.    
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Maxine Williams photo Maxine Williams
I have been a member of several gyms and always found them lonely places, no one ever talked to you and exercise was boring. I had hurt my back years before and this also limited my ability in the gym. After a few months I would cancel my membership and not bother again for ages. Then i heard about Calso. As a 45 year old office worker I just wanted a place with fun classes to get me fitter. It is amazing. I have been a member for 5 years, made so many friends and feel lost if I have not been down there for a week!! You are welcomed by name, people will always talk to you and the age range is from teenagers to in their 80's. There are specific classes daily for people over 50. Some classes are held in the gym and these are good if you haven't exercised for a while, Gary works closely with you and if you have any injuries advises you on the best way to exercise. You gradually build up your fitness levels. When i joined, I could not lift my torso off the floor. Now I do full sit ups with ease. As well as the gym there are also several spin classes plus yoga, pilates, box fit and other classes you would find in most gyms. My personal favourites are the classes held in the studio which consist of a good mix of cardio and weights, different exercises and levels each week so it never gets dull. The latest addition to the timetable is the weight loss class where Gary aims to teach you how to change your way of life to lose weight and keep it off. It is very successful and has seen incredible results. People ask "what makes calso?" and my reply is always the same.... Gary Nicholas. From helping someone who has had a stroke or is barely able to walk to someone who is competing in a body building competition, Gary has endless patience and advice to get those people to where they want to be and usually a bit further. Gary is an exceptional trainer and motivator. He encourages you continually to improve and helps you for the whole journey. We bought a month's membership for my dad who is 74 a few years ago and he is there 3 times a week and will probably be there even more when he retires next month!! Membership can be pay as you go or monthly so you can choose how much you do. Gary also offers individual or small group personal training sessions if you fancy that. If I could, i would give Calso and Gary 100 stars, not just 5. Such a fantastic family gym with lovely people and Gary is one in a million .    
Source: Google - Calso Health & Fitness Club

Jen Teale photo Jen Teale
I love Calso, I've been going for a few years and I think it's a fantastic gym. Gary and all of his staff are so friendly and welcoming. I'd never been in a gym I felt comfortable in, but at Calso there's a real mix of people, all there to work hard and get fit.    
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