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To run a great club and to allow all our members to enjoy the facilities the club offers it is important to have rules. We would therefore ask you to familiarise yourself with the rules listed below before using the club facilities. Following the rules we have provided you with some good tips that will help you enjoy our club and your workouts.


All gym and class customers are asked to bring a towel with them

Please wear clean suitable training wear, trainers should have non-marking soles

Please pre-book for all classes that you wish to attend

Please ring to cancel if you are unable to attend a pre-booked class

Please be punctual and arrive for your classes on time

Please sign in and out at reception each time you visit the club

For health and safety reasons all new gym members must have an induction

All mobile phones must be switched to silent if taken into the gym or studio

Prices are cheaper when taking out an annual membership but you are tied in for a year.
However, should something that is beyond your control prevent you from attending,
your membership can be frozen or extended at the discretion of the management.

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Ideally try and eat at least one and a half hours before you work out. You may need to increase the time you leave after eating before working out, depending on how intense your workout is going to be.

Make sure you drink sensible amounts of water to keep your body hydrated - this does depend on the size of the individual. If your urine is a dark yellow you need to drink more water. A light yellow indicates that you are hydrated.

Always make sure you warm your body up before you workout, a light aerobic workout for about 10 minutes is ideal. This will help avoid injuries and improve your workout performance. At the end of your workout it is good practice to cool down by stretching. This will keep the body more supple and help to avoid injuries such as backache.
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If you need any further advice or information, please talk to a member of 'The Calso Team'